Yes! Chinese General Information
Yes! Chinese, jointly developed by Yes! Chinese Corp. and Confucius Institute Headquarters, is a set of comprehensive Chinese courses for young learners. It includes extensive printed materials, online lessons, interactive CD, and teaching services.
Yes! Chinese complies with the five essential elements of the world language standard, and assessments developed for Yes! Chinese have been adapted for consistency with the YCT/HSK tests established by the China National Chinese Language Office, and the Confucius Institution in Beijing, China.
For young students who have completed 3 to 4 years of Chinese courses, or have passed YCT4 or HSK3 tests or equivalent knowledge.
Study Goal:
Learn to read 600 new words and phrases each
Able to read intermediate level articles
Writing dairies in Chinese, and make short notes
Learn more about Chinese culture
Course Structure:
Reading + Interactive Game + Conversations + Supplementary Readings + Culture
Building up language skills through extensive readings covering vast topics, enable students to learn new ideas at the same time learning Chinese.
Online Learning Clips:
YCT/HSK Levels:
Volume 7-10 HSK Level Four