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Lesson 1:Let's Begin Ⅰ
Lesson 2:Let's Begin Ⅱ
Lesson 3:Let's Begin Ⅲ
Lesson 4:Snowflakes
Lesson 5:Mouth, Ear, Eye
Lesson 6:Mom, Dad and I
Lesson 7:A Painting
Lesson 8:Class is over
Lesson 9:Four Seasons
Lesson 10:A Tranquil Night
Lesson 11:Little Boat
Lesson 12:Sunlight
Lesson 13:Bamboo Raft
Lesson 14:Our Small School
Lesson 15:Grandpa and the Little Tree
Lesson 16:Pinyin 1
Lesson 17:Pinyin 2
Lesson 18:Pinyin 3
Lesson 19:Pinyin 4
Lesson 20:Pinyin 4
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