Several Methods of Learning Chinese Characters
posted at  2011-05-13 05:07  Alice Zhong
Some people say Chinese characters look like mysterious image. Chinese characters are indeed different from English words, but the structure of Chinese characters and basic strokes has certain law. In order to help everyone to learn Chinese characters easy, I recommend several methods of learning Chinese characters.

1. Contrast Learning Chinese Characters
Some Chinese character can turn into another Chinese character through adding one stroke. For example, 木 (wood) can turn into 术 (skill) through adding one dot.

2. Migration Learning Chinese Characters
Utilize the Chinese characters that you know to learn strange Chinese characters. For example, Chinese character 洋 (ocean), through remove component 氵, and then add another component 木, it become another Chinese character 样 (shape).

3. Decomposing Learning Chinese Characters
Some Chinese characters are complicated, but we can resolve it into several parts. For example, Chinese character 碧 (green jade) can be divided into three parts: 王 (king), 白 (white) and 石 (stone).

I think know these methods are very essential to people who learn Chinese. Of course the best method is diligent exercise.