How to learn Chinese?
posted at  2011-05-13 05:06  Sherry Wang
How to learn Chinese? This is the most important problem for Chinese learner. Though I am not good at English, my Chinese is very good, because I am a Chinese. Then let me answer this question. Or you can search this website; believe you can find the answer quickly.

Just as we know, “Interest is the best teacher”. The reason that a lot of people learn Chinese is interested in Chinese. The interest can be trained. How to train the interest of learning Chinese? How to arouse the enthusiasm of learning Chinese? The following is some my opinions, everybody may discuss.

1. Don’t regard learning Chinese as a hard job.

In fact it is a very interesting thing to learn Chinese, especially learn Chinese characters. Each Chinese character is just like one beautiful picture. Because of Chinese characters are the pictograph, Chinese characters are the abstract descriptions of concrete things. For example the following picture. This picture graphic show the development course of Chinese character “子“. “子” meaning is infant, child and son. Maybe you didn’t know this Chinese character, but I think you will certainly not forget it after seeing this picture. You may read this article and listen to its pronunciation. If you grasp this fast method of learning Chinese, maybe you will think it is so easy and interesting to learn Chinese.

2. Know Chinese history and culture as much as possible.

This is very helpful for you to learn Chinese.

3. Learn to think in Chinese.

As everyone knows, think in Chinese and think in English are totally different. I am researching the differences between think in Chinese and think in English at present. I will write an article to discuss this problem in the future.

4. Try to talk with Chinese, don’t fear error.

5. Read Chinese and English bilingual books. Watch the Chinese film; it is the better to watch the bilingual film.

6. You need a good teacher.

The Government of China has already set up a lot of Confucius institute in all parts of the world now. It is free to learn Chinese in Confucius institute. Therefore, it is a good choice to go to local Confucius institute to learn Chinese.

Of course there are many kinds of methods of learning Chinese. You may still ask: How to learn Chinese? I will tell you: The answer is in this website.