A dairy about Spring Festival
posted at  2011-05-23 19:36  Ivy

solar calendar: 27th, Feb 2011
lunar calendar: 1st, Jan 2011
Weather: Snowing

    Today is traditional festival of China : Spring Festival . And this is my first time to enjoy this

festival with my Chinese friends in the snowy day . The snow here is very white and beautiful . We

throw snowballs each other and make a snowman together in this happy day . Though it is very cold , we

still have our fun and play our games very joyful .

When we play it too tired . My friend Wang Hua invite me to go his home and have a dinner with him . I

ask him : " What should we eat in the noon ? " He said : " How about dumplings and fired fish ? " I

said : " OK , I'd love to . " After that , I help him to make dumplings for him . But it is too

difficult to make dumplings for me . The shape of my dumplings are too bad . So I stop it and ask Wang

Hua another : " What is Chinese name for dumpling ? " Wang hua said : " It is called JiaoZi . " But I

said : " DiaoZi . " Wang Hua said : " No , it's not DiaoZi . it's JiaoZi . " But I still call it DiaoZi

. So WangHua said I need to learn my PINYIN and Chinese characters very well in the future . After he

done the dumplings , Wang Hua continue to make fired fish for me . He said there is an idiom for fired

fish in Spring Festival . It's called Nian Nian You Yu . He explain it to me that moral is next year we

will have enough food to eat . I said it is so interesting for Chinese idiom . So I want to learn more

idioms from now on . Then I will tell these Chinese idioms to my parents when I go back America . Maybe

I think I will give a call in the evening to tell them about my first Spring Festival here . They will

sure admire my life here !