My happy Chinese birthday party
posted at  2011-05-24 19:54  Daisy

Today is birthday and my happiest day in my life . Because today is my first birthday in China . And most of my American and Chinese friends attended my birthday party in the evening . When they came to my house , they all bless me : " Happy Birthday ! " Also I am so glad to get the bless from my friends .

When the party started , they moved the birthday cake in from of me and let me made a wish for my 24th birthday . And then we all sing an American version and Chinese version birthday song in my party . After that , I blew the candles and cut the cake for my friends . After we ate the cake , my friends gave my birthday presents one by one . What is impressed me , my American friends Grace and Lisa give me two toys which are penguin and doll . There is an red bowknot on the head of penguin . I like it very much . Because it is really cute . And my Chinese friends Wang lei , Zhang Lei and Hu Tao give me a series of Chinese learning books to me . Wang lei gave me a Chinese book about PINYIN . Zhang Lei gave me a Chinese story book . Hu Tao gave me a Chinese idiom book . I’m so appreciate for their books . For they are my Chinese classmates who often help me learning Chinese in Beijing . Before the party ended , we some interesting games together . At about 9-10 o’clock , my friends said goodbye to me one by one .