Mr. Wang Works at the University
posted at  2011-05-25 20:22  George

Mr. Wang is an old Chinese teacher at Beijing University . He is 58 years old and has lots of

experience of Chinese teaching . Most of Chinese learning foreigner likes to study Chinese with him .

Because his Chinese lessons are always very funny and interesting . This term he will teach Chinese

culture and history to 3rd year students. Maybe it is hard to teach Chinese culture and history to

Chinese learning foreigner . But Mr. Wang said he had confident to teach it very well .

Most of time in his class this term , he has his own plan to teach the foreign students . He always

likes to speak some interesting Chinese stories to attract the students . Sometimes , it is may too

difficult to understand a Chinese stories . Mr. Wang will translate it to English for his foreign

student . Then he will special introduce some difficult Chinese characters in his stories to make his

students understand . And most of students can learn Chinese characters very quickly and easily .

Beside that , after introduce Chinese stories . He will always leads his students reading stories

follow with him . For his method , more and more foreign students interesting to learn Chinese .