Michael study in China
posted at  2011-05-26 22:04  Li Tao

Michael is my cousin in America and he is also my best friend in China . He is a person of Chinese and

American descent . So he came to China when he was 18 years old for learning Chinese language and

culture . When he first came to here , he only can say two simple Chinese words just like "nihao" and

"zaijian" which are pronounced too bad . But I have not laughed at him . He lived with me together and

learned Chinese very hard in Chinese language school . For he is hybird . So he is too clever to learn

Chinese quickly and easily . Beside learing hard , he always likes speaking Chinese at spare time with

me to pratise his speaking . And he also let me recommend some excellent Chinese books to him . Though

he can read some easy stories but not for difficult ones . Beside that , Michael also has interested in

Chinese idioms and poems . After 3 years Chinese learning , Michael can speak flunt Chinese with me .

And recently , he will leave me to America . I’m so sad for he’s leaving . But he said a amazing

Chinese sentence to me : " xiang jian bu ru huai nian , zhe ci de fen bie shi xia ci jian mian de kai

shi !"