My busy Monday
posted at  2011-05-29 20:15  Tracy

Monday is my busiest day in a week . In this day , I always get up earlier than 7 O'clock . Because I

like to reading Chinese articles half an hour in the morning . Then I will wash my face , brush my teeth and

have my dinner . At 8 O'clock , I will prepare leave home to school and arrive school at half past

eight . I have to learn in the school all day . In the morning , I always learn Chinese PINYIN and

characters . It is difficult for me to learn Chinese at beginning . But I have known all of PINYIN and

about one hundred of Chinese characters . My Chinese teacher also said I have made good progress in

Chinese learning . And I'm so happy for his praising . Our morning class over at 12 O'clock . When it

is over , I have 2 hours to have my lunch and a rest in the afternoon . After that , I will learn some

easy Chinese poems and stories . I like afternoon courses very much . Because I can know Chinese

cultuer through these courses . My afternoon class over at 6 O'clock . For I always like to ask my

teacher some questions after class .  So I always get back home at 7 O'clock . After supper , I always

like to go to XIN HUA bookstore which is close my living place to read some interesting books . I often

done my reading there when the bookstore close at 9 O'clock . Then I will go back home and have my

sleeping time at 10-11 O'clock . This is my whole day for busy monday .