The tea house of ChengDu
posted at  2011-05-31 22:32  Soya

The Chinese people likes drink tea in tea house same as Britisher likes coffee in coffee house . Sometimes this tea cultuer represent Chinese culture and character of Chinese people . Just like ChengDu people . They always like to drink tea together for relaxing . Most of ChengDu people often have a tea party with their friends and realationships in tea house . They always chat for topic just like normal life , business and news in the world . Sometimes , even some foreigners go there to have a chat with Chinese people to learn Chinese . It is interesting to talk with foreigners . Though they can not speak a lot of words with Chinese . They like to talk with you and ask you some questions about daily life in China and ChengDu . Some foreigners who love Chinese literature like to talk about Chinese poems and histories . ChengDu is also a city which is famous for its tea cultuer . For the tea culture in ChengDu have a long history . There are so many and kinds of variety tea house in ChengDu . The tea house has already been a part of life for ChengDu people . In ChengDu , a tea house always use purple copper teapot to boil water . And waiters always will show their kongfu pour tea service for customers . They hold the teapot highly and make tea in a little teacup . It’s really amazing !