My impression of Great Wall
posted at  2011-06-01 20:50  Zoe

Today is Sunday and my friends suggested to go some place to have a fun . I said I wanted to go to the

Great Wall and walk on it . For when I was in America , my Chinese friends recommend me to go to the

Great Wall when I have chance to go to China . They said there is an idiom for Great Wall . This idiom

is about a woman named MengJiang cry for his husband who die for hard working the Great Wall . And

there is another saying for Great Wall . If you want to be a hero , you must been to the Great Wall .

Though I have read about the Great Wall in a book and TV . But I still want to go to the Great Wall to

be a real hero . That’s why I recommended my friends to go to the Great Wall . When we I have been

there , I find it is really different from the Great Wall in TV when that miracle in front of my eyes .

When I stand on the Great Wall , it is too long to see the end of road . At that time , I just feel

that Chinese Culture just like the long long Great Wall . As the history for the Great Wall , my

friends introduce to me that Great Wall was made by Qin Shi Huang who has made China as a unification

for first time . At that period , Qin Shi Huang has also unified the traffic and Chinese characters .

And that effect of Great Wall is to defend attacts from other minorities . So the Great Wall is a

symbol for Chinese spirits and Qin dynasty . When my friends done their introduction for Great Wall . I

found I have already loved this miracle from my heart !