I love Beijing
posted at  2011-06-03 13:32  Leon
Today is May 15th, 2007. And this is my first time been in China, Beijing. I went here to visit my Chinese friend and teacher named Uncle Han who taught me Chinese in Britain. When I arrived his home, he welcome me on his hospitality. In his house, his wife has made some traditional Chinese food such as Scrambled eggs with tomatoes, Sauted Diced Chicken with Peanuts and Chili and fried shredded pork with Sweet and sour sauce. These food are very appetizing and delicious. When we have done our dinner, Uncle Han suggest to lead me outside and have a tour in Beijing. I’m so happy to accept this suggestion. And then Uncle Han decided to lead me to quadrangle. On our way to quadrangle, I looked outside from car window. I found that Beijing is very vasty and modern. But Uncle Han introduce me that Beijing is not only famous for its flourishing and modern. It is a city which have long-standing history and culture. For this city have three thousand years of city making and about eight hundreds of capital making history. This city has gather togther Yuan, Ming, Qing these three dynasties’ culture in it . For that reason , this city has a lot of places of interest and human landscapes. This city is also famous for its cultural heritages which are the most in the world . Now it is a second largest city of political, traffic, culture centre in modern China. After his introduction, I’m so admire and love Beijing from that time . When we arrived quadrangle, I found it is a very interesting place which is just like a open box below a sky. That house is designed very simple anhydride and nature. I like this simple and nature design. For I can felt very relax and enjoy. And I can’t help to say some Chinese idioms to praise this wonderful place ! When it’s time for us to leave , I have made my mind that one day I will sure come here for live .